I think that misses a critical consideration. I’ll go as far to say it’s shortsighted (and maybe a bit lazy) at best, and totally misses the mark at worst.

There is a common quality all great companies have that also have fantastic customer experiences, and that is they have established a great culture. Great CX (Customer Experience) doesn’t just get manufactured out of thin air. There’s no Digital Transformation magic wand that you can wave to create a supporting culture without the right foundation. This has to be a part of your strategy in the first place.

Great CX Starts with Your Team

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If you truly want to fundamentally transform your company in a way that is sustainable, collaborative and supportive; it must start with your team. Only then, can you begin to foster a culture that, in turn, delivers outstanding customer experiences.

When embarking on a Digital Transformation journey, why start with your team?

Because they already know how make it happen.

User-centric design methodologies are linked with successful initiatives because they place focus on what matters – the user. With Design Thinking methodology (learn more about Design Thinking Principles that make up our DNA), we start by empathizing with our client, but most importantly their customers. We actively listen, we empower and we act to support them. Only by starting here can Digital Transformation happen in a way that we create systems that are considered desirable. Technological systems and apps are just noise when people don’t want to use them.

Get a group of employees from any department in a room, and there’s a great chance they will tell you exactly what the pain points are, what wastes time, and how that impacts their ability to serve the customer.

How to execute transformation is always leadership’s responsibility. Successfully transforming business process and models means combining team culture in parallel to caring about the customer through CX initiatives.

For SMBs, it’s easy to focus only on process during Digital Transformation.

Keep in mind that your team’s needs are fundamental to your success, and when done right, that will translate into great customer experiences.  So, now what?

In upcoming articles we’ll be talking about the pillars of Digital Transformation - customer experience, operational processes, and business models, and how using Design Thinking principles can be your guide for a successful Digital Transformation journey.

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