DiveViz had an idea but needed a systems partner to develop an MVP solution.

Divers around the world struggle with a universal problem – poor diving conditions. Too often divers spend hours getting ready for, and traveling to, a dive site only to find that the visibility is too poor for a safe and enjoyable experience. The DiveViz concept is to let divers know not only the current diving conditions but also predict what those conditions will be.

Working together, DiveViz and Alliance Systems, outlined a plan to combine historical weather data and crowded-sourced user reviews to help guide divers to the best spots. The focus would be on the San Diego market first with the infrastructure built in to expand to other diving hotspots around the world.

Alliance Systems’ manages algorithm, design and mobile development

Using historical weather data paired with diving reports, Alliance Systems was able to build an algorithm that used that data to create predictions of future diving conditions. The development team integrated with an open-source API to pull in weather data like water temperature, swells, and more. The weather data was combined with crowdsourced reports from the diving community to improve accuracy.

For the app, a great mobile experience was a must, and Alliance Systems carefully crafted a beautiful and intuitive interface that was built on a cross platform (Android and iOS) framework. The key was for divers to quickly look up the best dive spots and allow them to rate their dive after returning to shore. The quality of dive spots can change quickly so it was important to present as little friction in the user experience. Divers needed to able to rate quickly.

The app development was done with native ReactJS in order to quickly develop and deploy to the iOS and Android app stores. The framework was also designed to support the MVP launch in San Diego but was scalable for a high-volume number of users when the product was rolled out to additional cities.

DiveViz Screenshot

The Result

The app was launched on time and on-budget. Launching in both app stores, the diving community has enthusiastically embraced the DiveViz app. Currently, the app has a 4.5 rating in the Apple Store.

5 Stars
The website was awesome, live updates, now an app?? This is absolutely amazing, couldn’t ask for a better app, will definitely be using this right now, and in the future, I will tell all my friends about this.
5 Stars

This is the app the water world has been waiting for! Finally, you can predict and be confident you’re heading out for an amazing visibility! Gives you more confidence from dangerous tech diving to spearing your pelagic species! Do yourself a favor and download this NOW!

5 Stars

5 Stars for Diving! Awesome app for divers! I’ve been using the website for a while but having it in an app is even better! Major shoutout to everyone who has made this a reality! Dive on